Parent Testimonials

"Stacy truly cares about children. She connected with my child instantly, and he always looked forward to his time with her. She is patient, sincere, and informed. I am most thankful to Stacy for helping me to better understand my child and the way he sees the world. She was able to make very practical, simple suggestions that significantly benefited our family."

-Allison Sams

"Stacy has helped my entire family not only understand sensory integration, but under her care we saw amazing results. After years of OT and very little progress, we finally saw huge improvements with some of the issues my daughter faced. Based on our previous experience with OT, we started therepy [with Stacy] feeling a bit skeptical, but very quickly we knew we had found the right therapist and we finally felt hope that things would improve, and they did tremendously."

-Christine Jorge

"There really are not enough words to describe how excellent Stacy Lyons is as an Occupational Therapist.  We have had experience with no less than seven other therapists and Stacy tops the list, bar none.  Stacy brings compassion, education and support with every session. It really is no stretch to say that the support Stacy gave to our daughter has forever changed her life, her function and happiness.  We are so grateful for the clear, simple, understandable explanations and instructions Stacy gives, so that we can continue to support our daughter’s sensory needs."

-Rick and MaryBeth